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Three months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great coffee

I just brewed it for the first time. I only received it a couple of days ago so that seemed a bit long, but that could be because of Canada Post. But the coffee is great! Enjoyed it black. Great job!

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great coffee

I also enjoy making the dark roast coffee! It taste great, especially as an Aeropress!


The coffee was delicious. I really enjoyed it, finished the bag within the second week tho :(

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Parachute Coffee
Megan Newcombe
Prompt service

We missed a delivery and they were Both prompt to reply to my email and quick to fulfil the order. Coffee is delicious!

Wrong coffee

Unfortunately dark roast sent in error
Problem quickly and professionally resolved

Always a pleasure !

This coffee is absolutely delicious!

Excellent product

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great gift

My partner enjoyed the coffee. It was nice to have a little something delivered.

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Three months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Delicious Coffee

I received a six months prepaid coffee subscription as a Christmas gift and the first bag of beans was delicious. I look forward to tasting whatever arrives and hope the specific blends will be available when I need more!

And now in coffee news

Convenient and good quality coffee that shows up in my mailbox. 😊

We have not received our coffee yet.

We have not received our coffee yet … it was ordered over a month ago.

Parachute Coffee
Robert Watson
Your coffee is excellent i love it do you have an flavored coffee like mocha or cappicheno

do you have flavored coffee like mocha or cappicheno?

Outstanding coffee!

Just get it! You will never regret! Fantastic coffee flavour unlike anything else you will find anywhere else.

Parachute Coffee
Cathy Malta

Parachute Coffee

First Delivery Brazil / Guatemalan medium roast

Here is a post that I made on Instagram which I hash-tagged to your page. Not sure if you saw it:
My first shipment of Parachute Coffee is fantastic!
My wife got me a 3 month subscription for Christmas and I was eagerly awaiting my first delivery.
More than ten years ago I worked as a coffee roaster and QC guy (coffee cupping) at an NS roastery and would probably still be working there today, but for a toxic and dysfunctional management that laid me off due to “corporate restructuring.” I tried to stay in the coffee biz, but opportunities were so limited. The upside is that I learned a whole lot about coffee.
My tasting notes:
The coffee is a medium roast of Brazilian and Guatemalan. I had roasted a lot of Guatemalan but no Brazilian (as it had to be both organic and fair trade) so didn’t know what to expect. It was indeed a medium roast and seemed quite fresh (no oil on the beans is a good sign.) Freshness is everything for maximum quality. (Buy freshly roasted, and grind as you go, kids! Also, no cream or sugar!!)
I decided to use a pour over with a Chemex. I’ll try an espresso tomorrow, and then a French press.
The fragrance of the ground beans was very nice—fruity, but fruit that is slightly beyond ripeness. A banana with a few dark spots. (This must be the Brazilian) I copied the pour over technique I had seen at cafes in Japan many times. The same fruitiness of the fragrance carried through to the aroma of the brewed coffee.
I poured three cups worth in the Chemex, but forgot to preheat it (duh!) meaning it was a little below optimum temperature.
The flavor was outstanding! The fruitiness continued to the cup. Nice smooth, silky body for a medium roast with a very pleasant understated acidity, likely from the Guatemalan. Like a good sipping wine or bourbon, it is good as a treat for special occasions, not an everyday standard, like Colombian. For one, it’s way more expensive than my usual $11 for 2lbs Costco coffee, and for another the flavor is a bit exotic for an early morning wake-up.
My wife and daughter also liked it, commenting on the fruitiness, pleasant acidity and long finish. In short this coffee has beautiful balance, smooth body, and moderate acidity. A two thumbs up from stormy Nova Scotia.
Thank you @parachutecoffee !

No Coffee Yet 🧐😒🤨

Would be happy to review but coffee hasn’t arrived yet. Canada Post still has the delivery “pending”. Can you look into this please?

Great add on

Good deal for an add on to tie me over until next order arrived.