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Office Coffee

Find your perfect match.


What’s your office's relationship with coffee?

  • Not picky.
    They don’t really care as long as it’s coffee.

  • Interested.
    They’re starting to pay attention to quality.

  • Committed.
    They know way too much about their beans.

  • Obsessed.
    They’re connoisseurs of coffee.

How many people are going to drink this coffee?

  • 5-10

  • 11-25

  • 26-50

  • 50+

How many cups does each person drink per day?

  • 1  //  They each drink about a cup a day.

  • 1+  //  They each drink a couple cups a day.

  • 2+  //  They always drink a few a day.

What do they like?

  • Medium roasts / Standard

  • Dark roasts / Espresso

  • Single origin roasts / Most popular

Should we grind your beans?

  • No

  • Yes