April 2023 Limited Edition Roast

April 2023 Limited Edition Roast

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Country: Costa Rica

Name: Finca Higuerones

Altitude: 1250 masl

Process: Washed


Your APRIL Coffee is Costa Rica Finca Higuerones

Costa Rica's Finca Higuerones is an estate owned by Coopelibertad, purchased in the mid-90s. It is recognized for the massive Higuerones trees on the property, which provide shade for the coffee plants. The farm holds certification from the Nama Cafe project, which partners with producers to reduce environmental impact. Finca Higuerones processes its coffee as fully-washed and dries it for 5-6 days on a patio, followed by 24-hour mechanical drying. The estate's involvement with Coopelibertad, the largest cooperative in the Central Valley, ensures support for small producers and sustainable coffee farming practices. They provide education and welfare resources, farming assistance, and have many cherry collection points throughout the region.

Variety: Catuai, CATURRA