Hi, We’re Parachute Coffee!

We find and roast the best coffee beans and ship them to you on your schedule so fast you’ll forget about the barista you have a crush on.

How it works

You Choose Coffee

The perfect amount, on your schedule. Customize your own coffee addiction. From the convenience of your phone, to the comfort of your home.

We Deliver Coffee

Better coffee, roasted fresh, express shipped direct to your door.

You Drink Coffee

Award winning quality, taste and freshness. There’s no wrong choice. Better coffee, 100% guaranteed. If you don’t like it, we’ll just drink it ourselves.

Change, hit pause, or skip an airdrop. Cancel any time.

Why Parachute coffee?

Coffee tastes better at home

Our model is designed to make every cup of home-coffee fresher, better, and cheaper than the $4.50 latte at your favourite café.

About our coffee


Free coffee for life!

Get points for every dollar you spend or friend you refer. The world has no shortage of friends, and we have no shortage of points.

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