August 2018 Limited Edition Roast

August 2018 Limited Edition Roast

Coffee Details

Tasting Notes

Caramel Citrus
Stone Fruit

Country: Ethiopia

Name: Layo Taraga

Farm: Various smallholder farmers delivering to Layo Taraga Washing Station

Region: Haro Wachu

Altitude: 1950-2000 MASL

Process: Washed

Varieties: Bourbon

In Ethiopia, unlike the vast majority of coffee-growing countries, coffee was not introduced as a cash crop through colonization. Instead, growing, processing, and drinking coffee is part of the everyday way of life, brewed at home for centuries. Coffee is enjoyed as part of a “ceremonial” preparation, a way of gathering family, friends, and associates around a table for conversation and community. We hope you can enjoy it the same way.