May 2021 Limited Edition Roast

May 2021 Limited Edition Roast

Coffee Details

Tasting Notes

Pomegra nate

Country: Tanzania

Name: Tanzania Iyenga

Farm: Mbeya-Iyenga AMCOS

Region: Mbeya

Altitude: 1,670-1,950 metres asl

Process: Sun-dried on African beds

Your May Coffee is Tanzania Iyenga.

All of the farmers in Iyenga village are very small scale and grow coffee on 5 hectares or fewer (most only have a hectare or so). In addition to coffee, many grow maize, peanuts and beans. The majority of farmers often keep one or two cows and some poultry, as well.

Group leaders encourage women and young people to participate in coffee agriculture activities and in all cooperative activities. When the group first registered, there were only 64 members, all of whom are male. Now, of the group’s 193 members, 17 are female!

This lot from Iyenga AMCOS is a mix of home processed and mill pulped coffees. In both cases, all coffee is hand harvested and pre-sorted before pulping.