Aeropress Vs Clever Dripper - Which Yields Better, Stronger, Coffee?

Aeropress Vs Clever Dripper - Which Yields Better, Stronger, Coffee?

What is the Clever Dripper?

The Clever Coffee Dripper is a coffee maker that straddles the divide between pour-over and French press brewing styles, resulting in a delicious cup of joe that is complex yet easy to control.

The Clever Dripper is made of BPA-free plastic (there's also a glass clever dripper version) and comes in two sizes (larger for stronger coffee). The Clever Coffee Drip's strength lies in its ability to straddle these two brewing styles - it's a versatile coffee maker that works well as either a pour over or french press.

Clever Dripper Device Design

Compared to other popular pour over coffee makers such as Hario V60s or Kalita Wave, the Clever Coffee Dripper makes lighter drinks with greater body and mouthfeel, more chocolatey notes, and less acidity - making it perfect if you want a rich but balanced cup of java

The Clever Coffee Drip has rightly earned the accolade of ‘Clever’ due to its ingeniously designed valve - this opens and closes depending on whether the dripper is sitting on the carafe or not, letting you extract the unique flavor profiles of different single origin beans while doing away with all finesse and meticulous attention to detail needed for Hario V60s and origami brewers.

What is the Aeropress?

The aeropress is a type of coffee maker that uses air pressure to brew coffee. The aeropress is a small device that resembles a large syringe, and it is made of plastic. It has a cylindrical chamber with two cylinders attached to the top that can be screwed on and off. The coffee grounds are placed in the bottom chamber, and hot water is added. The plunger is placed on top of the device and pushed down to create pressure that forces the coffee through a filter in the middle cylinder.

The Battle: Aeropress Vs. Clever Dripper

The Aeropress makes a stronger cup of coffee than the Clever Dripper, but the Clever Dripper offers more control over grind size and brewing time. Aeropress is smaller and more portable, which makes it a popular choice for camping.

1. Brewing method

The Aeropress is a coffee brewing method which uses pressurized air to force water through the ground coffee. The Clever Dripper is a different coffee brewing method which uses hot water instead of pressurized air. Aeropress devices have many advantages over the Clever Dripper - they are easier to clean and produce a more consistent cup of coffee.

2. Filter

The Aeropress uses filters to brew coffee, while the Clever Dripper does not.

3. Grind size

Grind size affects coffee brewing with the Aeropress and Clever Dripper. A coarser grind will result in a shorter brewing time, while a finer grind will take longer to brew. Adjusting the grind size can help you achieve the desired brewing time and how strong you want the coffee. It is important to note here that you do not want the grind size too small, because it would produce "cloudy" coffee.

4. Time of Brewing

The Clever Dripper brewing time is a bit longer than the Aeropress, but it offers more control over brewing. With the Clever Dripper, you can brew your coffee for as long or as little time as you want by adjusting the water flow. To make the coffee with the Clever Dripper, you will need to grind 20 grams of fresh roasted coffee and pour it into a filter.

To make the best coffee with the Aeropress, grind 20 grams of fresh roasted coffee at a medium-coarse setting. Pour 320g of water over the coffee while starting a timer for 3 minutes.

5. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

The term TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, and it is a measurement of the amount of coffee solids that are extracted from the beans during brewing. The higher the TDS, the more flavorful the coffee will be.

The Clever Dripper has a higher TDS than the Aeropress, which means that it will extract more flavor from the beans.

The Aeropress is better for brewing large quantities of coffee, but the Clever Dripper is better for extracting flavor.


The Clever Dripper makes 320 grams of coffee while the Aeropress makes about 237 grams.

The Clever Dripper is a good choice for those who want an easy and affordable way to brew coffee with immersion brewing.

If you want a stronger cup of coffee, consider the AeroPress.


To clean the Aeropress, scrape off the grounds stuck to the surface with a knife. To clean the Clever Dripper, pop the filter out after brewing. To clean the Aeropress and Clever Dripper, use a Clever filter.

Ease of Traveling

The Clever Dripper is a less expensive, lighter, and portable brewer which is widely regarded as best for beginner coffee drinkers. The Aeropress is a manual coffeemaker which uses a plunger to extract coffee from the ground beans. The AeroPress is a portable brewer which is easy to use and versatile - making it a popular choice for camping.


The Aeropress is cheaper than the Clever Dripper, but not by a lot.

The Clever Dripper is an easy, no-fuss brewer that makes a full-bodied cup while the AeroPress is an easy brewer that is portable and forgiving on brewing mistakes. There is no clear better product between the two coffee makers, it comes down to what you're looking for. They are both priced at $30 and offer slightly different brew results, but focus on making coffee less intimidating to the regular consumer.


The Clever Dripper produces a cup of coffee with a fuller body and richer flavor than the AeroPress. The AeroPress is better for making a stronger cup of coffee. The grind should be medium-coarse, and the water to coffee ratio should be 1:16 for the Clever Dripper, and 1:18 for the AeroPress.

The Verdict

The AeroPress is better for producing a stronger cup of coffee. The Clever Dripper produces a fuller-bodied, richer cup of coffee. The AeroPress is better for making a cup of coffee in less time. The Clever Dripper produces more consistent results when used by different people.

The Bottom Line:

If you're looking to make a cup of coffee quickly, the AeroPress is the way to go. If you're looking for more control over your brew, or if you don't mind spending a little extra time making your coffee, the Clever Dripper is a better option.