Can You Use Buttermilk In Coffee? To do or not to do?

Can You Use Buttermilk In Coffee? To do or not to do?

Buttermilk. It is one of those types of milk and cream that people are never sure how to use. Some people don’t even know what buttermilk is. We thought we would clear up any confusion about buttermilk today. We are going to share what buttermilk really is. How to use it. And whether you can substitute it for other milks and cream. Oh, and we will talk about how to use buttermilk in coffee too.


Buttermilk is a tangy milk. It gets its tanginess from the fermentation process. Many years ago, buttermilk was basically the creamy liquid that remained when a person was finished making butter. That type of buttermilk was similar to sour milk.

Today’s buttermilk is more similar to yogurt. Lactic acid bacteria is added to milk to create the buttermilk we use today.

buttermilk in coffee is not a great idea buttermilk is used for baking like these biscuits

Many people use buttermilk when they bake. The reason for this is the buttermilk creates moist and tender baked goods such as biscuits. It is also found on most recipes to make calamari batter.

Some people will make their own buttermilk by adding a little vinegar to a cup of milk. They then let it sit for a few minutes before using. This is an excellent alternative if you only need a little buttermilk for a recipe. We don’t recommend doing this if you are going to use the buttermilk in coffee. Vinegar and coffee don’t go together well!

Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is a rich and creamy product. Many people use it to add a creamier texture to dishes they make. As well as a richer taste. The most common use for heavy cream is ice cream!

Since this type of cream is thicker than milk, or light cream, it won’t make any dish appear thinner than it should.

adding heavy cream to coffee

Now, since heavy cream is rich and creamy, you may be wondering if you can add it to coffee. We love adding heavy cream to our coffee. It’s thicker than regular milk, so it doesn’t water down the coffee.

Whipping Cream

Whipping cream is one of the thickest creams available. It is also quite high in calories. That alone may have you shying away from using it too much.

You can add whipping cream to many different types of dishes. You can even add it to coffee. The most popular thing to do with whipping cream though is making whipped cream.

whipped cream topped with cinnamon and nutmeg on top of a coffee cup

There is nothing wrong with making a little whipped cream and then adding that to your coffee!

Light Cream

Light cream is very similar to whole milk. This type of cream contains mostly milk and then a very little amount of cream is added. Many people will use this in their coffee, or favorite recipe, when they want the flavor of cream but not all the calories.

Using Buttermilk in Coffee

When it comes to coffee, we prefer to use heavy cream or light cream for our coffee creamer. It offers a rich flavor that still allows the coffee flavors to come through. Whipping cream would be next on our list with buttermilk most likely never happening.

ceramic cup of coffee with thick foam and cinnamon or nutmeg on top

We don’t really recommend using buttermilk in coffee. The sour taste of the buttermilk completely ruins an excellent cup of coffee. However, you are more than welcome to try adding buttermilk to your next cup of coffee to see whether or not you like it.