The Best Coffee Subscription Toronto

Man receiving a coffee subscription toronto delivery at his doorstep

A fresh cup of coffee every morning is totally worth it, even without utilizing a coffee subscription Toronto. Wait, you couldn’t have your cup of coffee at home this morning?? Why not? You ran out of freshly roasted coffee beans?

 It's happened to the best of us, but you can be sure it'll never happen again by utilizing a coffee delivery subscription!

Yes, we know you are always at the grocery store. However, what happens when you forget to go down the coffee aisle? You don’t get your cup of coffee the next morning!

Our coffee subscription Toronto and surrounding areas will have you avoiding jittery, caffeine-deprived regret. Oh, and you would always have freshly roasted coffee beans to grind for your morning cup of joe.

And if you happen to live in one of these red areas - you get same-day courier service (for free), you literally get the coffee the same day we bag them at peak freshness. (read more about it below)

So, let’s dive into how coffee subscription for Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada works. But first - here's what's in the box: a freshly roasted bag of coffee roasted that same week, a postcard telling you about the origin of the beans, and our signature Parachute Coffee box.

Mail Order Coffee - Why Consider a Toronto Coffee Subscription? 

There are so many reasons to consider a coffee subscription. Especially if you live in Toronto. However, let's focus on the coffee. 

Reason #1: Never Run Out of FRESH Coffee

Remember how we just mentioned running out of coffee? Well, that won’t happen when you have a Toronto coffee subscription! 

Your freshly roasted coffee beans are delivered right to your doorstep before you run out. You won’t need to head to the store. You won’t need to remember to put coffee on your shopping list. And you won’t need to beat yourself up when you get home and realize you forgot the coffee. AGAIN! 


woman with her hand on her chin, standing in front of a shopping cart and looking at a long grocery list


Reason #2: Skip the Trip

Maybe you don’t make your coffee at home, but visit your favorite coffee shop each day. Yes, we know your all-time favorite barista knows your order by heart. They even prepare it perfectly every day for you. Yet, you need to get up early to leave your home, go to the coffee shop, and stand in line waiting for your coffee instead of having it right when you wake up. 

What happens on those days where you can’t make it to the coffee shop? Do you need to go without coffee? We can’t even imagine how we would survive if that happened to us! 

In our opinion, everyone needs a coffee subscription. If you have never had one before, we urge you to try our monthly coffee subscription. We guarantee you will never go back to regular old grocery store coffee! You will finally break up with your barista too. Don’t worry, you won’t have any regrets. Or coffee withdrawals. 

Is a Toronto Coffee Subscription Worth the Cost? 

YES, it's worth it!

One of the questions we get a lot is whether a Toronto coffee subscription is worth the cost. Okay, so the coffee beans will be a little bit more than the ones you can purchase at the store. But there is a reason for that.


Coffee Subscription Toronto = Your Freshest Brew

First, did you know that the coffee in stores can sit on the shelves for months? And that is after months of sitting around in a warehouse. An average container of coffee will sit on a shelf at a store for 6 months before being purchased. 

A coffee subscription with Parachute Coffee will allow you to drink coffee from beans that have been roasted within the last few days. That means you will finally see what freshly roasted coffee beans can taste like.

We deliver coffee to your door anywhere in Canada - but if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you're one of the few who gets it first, since we're also located in Toronto, and we offer same day delivery services to most of the GTA. You're one of the lucky few!

We are telling you, there is a definite difference between old, stale coffee and freshly roasted coffee. You will notice it from the very first sip. 


Cafés Cost

Additionally, it's worth a little extra money to never forget to grab coffee at a café. Coffee shops have to charge a lot more to have their own shipments of coffee come in and hire baristas to pour your coffee for you. Add in the cost of your transportation, not to mention your valuable time that is spent standing in line, and you would be paying a lot of extra money for even a single trip to the coffee shop.

Furthermore, if you frequent your favorite local coffee shop multiple times a week, you would actually be saving money with a Toronto coffee subscription. 


Who is Parachute Coffee? 

Parachute Coffee is based in Toronto. All our fresh coffee beans are roasted right in Toronto. We love being local and able to help keep the community caffeinated. Especially since our freshly roasted coffee beans are delivered within a day or two of roasting, which is so different from other coffee subscription boxes that are delivered to Toronto. 

What Coffee Beans are Used? 

We use coffee beans that we source from around the world. We choose the destination where we order our coffee beans according to the season. You might not be aware, but the coffee bean growing season is not the same in every part of the world.

Every bag of limited roast coffee arrives with a postcard that shows you where the beans came from. You get to know your farmers on one side of the postcard, and on the other side is some additional fun facts about your beans!

Here's a sample card:

front side of a sample postcard from parachute coffee


sample coffee postcard explaining origin of beans

Ordering during peak growing season ensures the freshest, and best, coffee beans. Choosing those same beans prior to peak season, or after the season has ended, results in coffee beans that are not fresh or tasty. 


A Worldwide Sip

So, we work with different growers around the world to determine their growing schedules. As well as the best times to order their coffee beans. This means you will never have the same coffee beans from the same destination each month, when you order the limited coffees.

This is excellent news for your taste buds, because they will get to experience different coffee notes in each sip every month. 


close-up of parachute seasonal coffee packaging with the parachute coffee logo in the corner


We currently offer a dark and medium roast, as well as a seasonal roast. You can mix and match the types of coffee you want in your coffee subscription if you want. Or you can order all the same type. It’s completely up to you. 

How Does a Toronto Coffee Subscription Work? 

A coffee subscription in Toronto is quite simple to place. Especially with Parachute Coffee. All you need to do is choose the coffee beans, or ground coffee, you want to order. Then decide how often you want your coffee. 

We recommend every two weeks for coffee lovers. You can choose the timeframe that is best for you though. 

Once we receive your order, we roast your coffee beans and prepare them for shipping. Your coffee is then automatically shipped out in the frequency you requested when you placed the order. This means you will never need to remember to re-order coffee when you are close to running out. We do all the work for you! 

a bag of parachute coffee next to a delivery box and post card


How is Your Coffee Subscription Delivered? 

We use parcel delivery, same-day delivery for all our customers in the Greater Toronto area. This is different from many other coffee subscriptions who only ship Canada Post.

We track every delivery via live tracking, so we know where your coffee beans are every step of the way. You can even track them on your own. You will always know when your coffee beans hit your doorstep. We won’t judge you if you are there waiting for them! We know we would be doing the same thing. 

When your order arrives, you will find a postcard included with your coffee which shares where that month’s coffee beans are from. 

Other Coffee Subscription Deliveries

Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription company that delivers coffee to the Toronto area. They are located in the US. So, whenever they ship their coffee, it takes up to 14 days to arrive in Canada. This may not seem like a big deal, but we're talking about freshly roasted coffee here...which would you rather: coffee roasted and delivered to you in the same week, or 14 days later? 

Choose Parachute Coffee, especially if you are located in the Greater Toronto Area for the fastest, most freshest coffee beans delivered to your door.

Does Parachute Coffee Sell Fair Trade Coffee? 

This is a very important question, because not every coffee subscription company sells fair trade coffee. Some companies don’t even find ethically sourced coffee beans

Here at Parachute Coffee, we sustainably and ethically source our coffee beans through a direct-trade program, so everyone involved gets a fair deal. 

Can You Purchase an Espresso Coffee Subscription? 

Our dark coffee beans are espresso beans. If you want to make yourself an espresso coffee every day, or even just once in a while, you will want to purchase our dark coffee beans. 

close-up of espresso coffee dripping into a cup next to whole dark coffee beans


Can You Change the Coffee Subscription Frequency? 

You can change your coffee subscription frequency at any time when you order from Parachute Coffee. 

Maybe you are headed out of town for a couple weeks and you won’t need coffee. Just go into your account and let us know to skip a delivery. 

You might have stopped drinking coffee for a few days. Maybe you weren’t feeling good. Or it was too hot outside. If that’s the case, skip a delivery and still get the following delivery before you run out. 

If you are the office coffee person, you may be responsible for keeping everyone caffeinated. This means you may need to add more coffee to your order and collect the money from your co-workers. Don’t worry, they will love that you are bringing in such wonderful coffee! 

How about if you suddenly get a roommate and they are drinking all your coffee? You can easily double your order. Although, you could get them a coffee subscription in Toronto as a gift. 

Can you Gift a Coffee Subscription Toronto? 

A Toronto coffee subscription is actually an excellent gift! We have done a little research and approximately half of our subscriptions are sent as gifts. People love giving, and receiving, coffee! Send a coffee gift subscription here.

a gift box full of whole coffee beans to show a gift of coffee subscription toronto

If you want to check a few people off your gift giving list quickly, send them a coffee subscription. They are even perfect for those people who are hard to find gifts for. 

How to Choose the Right Coffee of the Month Club? 

Choosing the right coffee of the month club might seem simple, yet in today’s world, everyone seems to be trying to support local businesses and suppliers. Well, we are located right in Toronto and that is where all our coffee beans are roasted. 

If you live in Toronto, or the surrounding nearby areas, and want to support a local business, we are the right coffee of the month club for you! 

Of course, you will want to make sure the coffee of the month club you choose can deliver your roasted coffee beans while they are still fresh. Excellent customer service is also important. We deliver both those things here at Parachute Coffee and so much more. 


Final Thoughts

We understand how some people are reluctant to sign up for an item of the month club. Even we think twice about every subscription we sign up for. If you and your loved ones drink coffee often, you won’t regret a second of being in our coffee subscription Toronto club.

Subscribing means you will always have the freshest coffee to drink and share with others. Your mornings, afternoons, and evenings will be forever changed once you have fresh roasted coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep. 



Use coupon code WELCOME5 to get $5 off your first shipment! We hand select beans from around the world, roast them weekly, and deliver straight to your door! (Canada only)