How to Make Espresso with French Press?

How to Make Espresso with French Press?

We all love coffee but buying an espresso machine is not what we can afford. The good news is that you can make a strong brew in any other regular coffee maker like French Press if you know the technique of good coffee brewing.

In this article. We will guide you to make the dark smooth coffee that everyone loves only with a French Press. If you don't have an espresso machine and want an authentic espresso shot, then this article is for you.

A French press is excellent for making large quantities of coffee. Needless to say, a French Press is also easier to clean and maintain.

How Does an Espresso Machine Work?

Espresso machine

An expensive espresso machine forces the hot water through a compact puck for a finely grounded coffee. These machines allow you to control the brewing time and amount of coffee, and the result is exact each time. The best part of having an espresso machine is making so many other drinks, like lattes or cappuccinos, with it. The amount of caffeine in Espresso coffee is also high. It's bold, flavorful, and exactly how you want your coffee to be.

What does the French Press Do?

French Press is a cheap appliance that allows you to make regular coffee. There are no automatic functions like an espresso machine, but the French Press has its merits. First, it is easy to clean, and then you can make large quantities of coffee in it compared to an espresso machine that allows you to make a cup of coffee at a time.

The machine has basic functions, so it is also easy to maintain. French Press coffee usually does not taste as strong and smooth as Espresso.

How to make French Press Espresso

It's very easy, and all it takes is a few techniques that we will help you through. All you need is

  • Espresso Beans or Regular coffee grounds
  • French Press
  • Water
  • Espresso Cups
  • Sugar(optional)

Ground and Measure Coffee Beans

How to make espresso with French press.

To brew in French Press, you want coffee beans to medium grind. Finely ground coffee beans can get your coffee beans stuck in a mesh filter and create a "cloudy" coffee. Too coarse grinding won't allow the flavor to come through properly, and coffee will be weak.

To have the same strong taste as Espresso, you need the double ratio of coffee beans in a cup of water. It depends on your cup size, but it usually has 2 tablespoons of coffee in each cup of water.

Boil the Water

Put the water to boil. When adding the water to French Press, it should be just below the boiling point (195 F).

Prewarm the Glass

It's a good idea to prewarm the glass to prevent it from shock. The sudden temperature change can cause the glass to break. Pour warm water into the glass, so it does not break when you pour coffee.

Pour the Water

With your grounded coffee in the French Press, pour the coffee into a glass and add the hot water. Fill only half a glass and let it sit for a while. Give it time to steep itself and let the flavors, aroma, and oils come out nicely.

Fill the cup with the rest of the water and resist stirring. Stirring can cause the coffee beans to fall out of suspension and alter the extraction.

Rest the Coffee

Put the French Press lid back in place and let the coffee sit. Rest the lid and filer on top of the cup. Leave it for three to four minutes.

Plunge the filter down halfway, pull it back and plunge it to the bottom. This stirring will create foam on top of the cup.

Pour it into an espresso cup. 

Too many factors are responsible for brewing espresso-like coffee, like the ratio of coffee to water, the amount of water, and the ratio of coffee grounds. However, with practice, you can enjoy the same coffee flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of the frequently asked questions relating to French Press Espresso.

What is the ratio of coffee to water in an Espresso machine?

The ratio of coffee to water in an espresso machine should be 1:2. It's one gram of coffee for every two grams of water. 

What should be the ratio of coffee to water in the French Press?

For French Press, we require dark roast beans with even coarse grind. We recommend you start with a 1:12 coffee-to-water ratio. That means you can use 30 grams of coffee for 350 grams of the water cup.

Is French Press Grind size the same as Espresso Grind?

Using a French Press, you can use espresso grind for the same coffee drinks. Though technically, Espresso grind is much finer. For French Press, you need coarse, even grind. That is because coffee is brewed for longer in the French Press, as you cannot stop it from brewing without draining it. In Espresso, you can pour over through filter paper.

Espresso VS French Press: Which is ideal for Brewing Coffee?

French Press is a coffee maker like Espresso. The difference is that an expensive espresso machine is designed to make a shot of Espresso, resulting in delicious coffee. But it makes espresso shots that are smaller in size.

French Press is another popular method that makes larger quantities than a shot of Espresso. It may not taste as strong as Espresso coffee, but with practice and technique, good quality coffee beans, and the ratio of water and coffee, you can make good quality coffee.

Final Words

The espresso flavor is the favorite coffee flavor for many of us, but you need a dedicated espresso machine. Still, other brewing methods of coffee can be used to make the same delicious coffee without it. French Press is a great way to make good coffee. You can make a larger cup of espresso-style coffee. You must be careful about the brewing technique and finer grind, and you can enjoy amazing coffee. You can use French Press coffee for iced coffee drinks as well.

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