What is Bone Dry Cappuccino?

What is Bone Dry Cappuccino?

Everyone loves coffee in his own way. Some like it bitter and rich, and some need to balance the taste with a dash of milk. There are so many different types of coffees to choose from. Coffee shops like Starbucks offer a lot of varieties, each one having its distinct flavor.

Cappuccino is one of the selling coffee drinks. Even classic cappuccino has varieties like wet cappuccino and dry cappuccino. It is interesting to know that even these two categories have subcategories known as super wet and bone dry cappuccinos. 

In this article, we will discuss bone dry cappuccino. We will see how it is different from wet cappuccino and even dry cappuccino and how to make it at home. 

What is a cappuccino?


Cappuccino has been around since 1700, but to this day, like many other coffee drinks, it has evolved a lot. Nowadays, coffee is not a simple affair. 

A cappuccino is a type of coffee drink that combines milk and coffee. The ratio of milk to coffee to foam is 1:1:1.

It's one-third of an espresso shot, one-third of steamed milk, and one-third of foam on the top. The traditional cappuccino has a more milky flavor as it has steamed milk. Foam is also made of milk, so the taste of milk is overpowering. However, the layer of foam on top is also not very thick. 

Wet Cappuccino

Wet cappuccino is the normal cappuccino with a cup divided between equal parts of coffee, milk, and foam. The espresso shot gives an intense coffee flavor which is blended with a rich steam milk layer and gets softened with a layer of milk foam on the top. So the result is a sweeter and smoother brew. 

This type of cappuccino is probably what you'd get at most coffee shops.

Super Wet Cappuccino

There is even another variety of wet cappuccino known as super wet cappuccino. It has more steamed milk added to the coffee with a thin microfoam on the top.

The type of coffee has a slightly different ratio of steamed milk and foam. As the name suggests, super wet cappuccino has more steam milk than foam, and you can add a thin layer of foam on the top. Super-wet cappuccino has a more milky flavor.

Dry cappuccino

dry cappuccino

Dry cappuccino has less steam milk and more foam. So the ratio is again different in this type of coffee. You can add a dash of milk over coffee and fill the rest of the cup with foam. Like the super wet cappuccino, here, the middle layer of milk is thin, and the top layer is thick. 

Bone Dry Cappuccino

bone dry cappuccino

Bone dry cappuccino is a further variation of dry cappuccino. It's a simple cup of coffee and foam. Bone dry has no steam milk between the foam and coffee layer. It's just a thick foam layer on the top of an espresso shot. 

Are Bone Dry and Dry Cappuccino the Same?

Many people may use bone dry and dry cappuccino interchangeably, but baristas know these two are different, and so are the taste and ratio of milk and coffee.  

The difference between a dry cappuccino and bone dry is that dry cappuccino has a little bit of steamed milk in it. On the contrary, bone dry cappuccino is completely devoid of milk. It's just coffee as a base; above it, you have thick, dry foam that feels silky in the mouth. 

How to Make Bone Dry Cappuccino?

To make delicious bone dry cappuccino, you need:

Espresso shot

Steamed milk to make foam

How to make Foam

making foam for bone dry cappuccino

If you own an espresso machine, it is easy to use the steam wand to make thick foam. You can also use a handheld milk frother and other methods to make the foam. Here is how to froth milk:

  • Steam milk until you see small bubbles in milk.
  • Remove milk from the heat and add it to a jug to make it foam. 
  • Use an espresso wand, hand or electric whisk, or a milk frother to create foam over milk.
  • Stir it on high speed to develop thick foamed milk.
  • Once you have doubled the volume, set the foam aside.

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Prepare Coffee

Cappuccino is an espresso-based drink. If you have espresso, then brew a shot of espresso. You can use other manual methods like a French press, aeropress, or drip-over method to prepare strong coffee. Make sure you have a rich, concentrated form of coffee to use as a base. 

Add coffee to the serving cup. The ratio of coffee to milk foam is 1/3. Pour foam to fill the rest of the cup. Bone dry coffee does not have any steam milk between the foam and coffee, and that is how coffee lovers love the bitter taste of coffee against the thick foam. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some questions about bone dry cappuccino. 

What Does Bone Dry Cappuccino Taste Like?

bone dry cappuccino

Bone dry cappuccino is nothing but shot of espresso and foam on the top. As compared to normal cappuccino, it has less milk taste. The rich bitter taste of espresso is less milky. It has a bold and richer taste. The thick foam on top has an aesthetic appeal and feels good in the mouth. Some customers love having it with a spoon. 


Make sure to use strong coffee as a base if you are using other brewing methods. 

How Many Calories Does Bone Dry Cappuccino Have?

Bone dry coffee has only two ingredients, coffee, and milk foam, without using any cream or flavors, so it has fewer calories. Bone dry cappuccino has approximately 100 calories. Standard cappuccino has more steamed milk, which is why it contains more calories. 

Final Words

Bone dry cappuccino is a simple coffee and thick foam combination. This type of coffee's specialty is its right proportion, dense foam, and delicious coffee taste. 

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