Which Brewing Method Takes the Longest? Which is Quickest?

Which Brewing Method Takes the Longest? Which is Quickest?

 We are all aware of how crucial a morning cup of coffee is. To help you make the ideal cup of coffee, we're sharing all of our top coffee-brewing secrets with you. Nowadays, there are so many options for making coffee at home that you could feel stressed even before you start.

You can select your preferred brew technique by deciding what kind of coffee you want and the amount of work you're willing to put into it.

The Best Coffee Brewing Methods

coffee brewing methods

The brewing of each method is different. Some methods are fast but are not great at preparing strong superior coffee. But with some long methods, you can prepare a bold and strong coffee.

Drip Method

drip method

This method takes the longest, but it's the oldest most traditional way of brewing coffee since we discovered coffee.

What else could you possibly need when brewing your coffee if it's affordable, quick, and simple? Pour-over, drip, or coffee-by-percolation brewing is pretty easy to do. Coffee grounds are covered with hot water and a paper filter.

Follow these guidelines with this method:

  1. For the best results with drip coffee, use a fairly sturdy filter. You can also use a paper filter based on your choice or taste.
  2. Start sipping right away! It tastes the best when you don't let freshly brewed coffee linger around.
  3. Select premium beans.
  4. At-home coffee grinding
  5. Maintain a clean coffee machine.
  6. A medium-fine grind is the suggested level for coffee grinding.


  • You can rapidly prepare a large quantity of drip coffee, which is convenient.
  • If using drip machine, it keeps the pot warm for extended period of time.
  • This approach is best if you're only searching for some caffeine.


  • You generally don't want to use a drip coffee maker if you've spent money on high-quality coffee beans.
  • This brewing time can be long.
  • You have no control over the water's temperature, and most machine parts are made of plastic that you can taste.
  • Additionally, you might need to utilize filters, depending on your equipment.

French Press

French Press

It seems almost as sophisticated as it is! The earliest home coffee maker from Europe is this one. The popularity of other coffee makers, such as the drip and espresso methods, has gradually caught up with the French press.

To brew coffee with a French press, coffee grounds are soaked in water for 4 to 5 minutes before being "pressed" down using a filter. Since the coffee grounds are in direct touch with the hot water during this procedure, making numerous cups of coffee at once is simple. This brewing takes 2-3 minutes, around half of the drip method.


  • The French press is the ideal option for great coffee every day.
  • Easy to use method.
  • Less expensive option


  • You must separately boil the water, but that's part of the fun.



This manually operated coffee maker brews the coffee by applying pressure. Due to its size and simplicity, it is among the popular methods. You can take it to any location where you want to enjoy coffee for two.

The AeroPress might become your closest buddy if you prefer a little more adaptable and portable. This method's procedure is straightforward, and its brewing time is 2.5 minutes which is quite similar to French Press.

The brew chamber contains resting coffee grounds, and hot boiled water is added to the chamber to submerge the coffee. Then plunger creates the air pressure and extracts the flavor.

This method requires three simple steps to make a great cup of coffee. The cleanup is a breeze, which is a pleasant plus!


  • The AeroPress is portable.
  • When going on a camping trip, it's simple to throw in your backpack (or keep it in your desk drawer if you can't stand office coffee).
  • Since it requires a little filter, the AeroPress method is equally environmentally friendly and yields excellent coffee.
  • AeroPress can also prepare espresso.


  • You might have some coffee grounds in your cup of joe.
  • The water will also need to be heated; a camp stove simplifies this process.

Moka Pot

moka pot

The Moka Pot is also a stovetop espresso coffee maker; it uses steam pressure to prepare coffee. This is the thing you need if you want to get up in the mornings.

The brew of coffee from Moka Pot is a highly concentrated coffee using pressure during extraction. This coffee brewing technique is exceptionally well-liked. The method is often used to make Turkish coffee.

The brewing method takes 3 to 4 minutes to prepare a concentrated and bold Turkish coffee.

However, it requires assembling before use, and then immediately cleaning right after use so I wouldn't chalk this method as "fast" brewing.

We can technically refer to this as an espresso. The Pot coffee method isn't anything close to tasting like an espresso. When you brew the coffee in it, you may anticipate greater bitter, chocolate, and caramel flavors.


  • Rich and robust coffee; simplicity of usage
  • Versatile
  • Microbreweries
  • Durable


  • It may taste bitter.
  • You have to keep an eye on the brewing.

Espresso Machine

Trying the more sophisticated method of brewing coffee? It can be annoying to deal with the settings of the coffee machine, coffee grind, and roast. Additionally, if even one of those combos is incorrect, your coffee will probably be ordinary. Due to the pressure of steam forced through coffee beans, you can prepare espresso in as little as 30 seconds.

However, there's a good reason why coffee shops are hard to come by. Don't give up if your first attempt at making espresso doesn't turn out as expected. Try it again; you might make this your go-to beverage.


  • Making one happens quickly.
  • You can make a variety of espresso-based drinks.
  • Allowing you to achieve coffee shop quality easily.
  • You can obtain the flavor of the coffee essence (for me, espresso is the essence of all coffee drinks because it has the purest, unadulterated flavor).


  • To make one, you'll need to buy an expensive espresso machine.
  • If you're searching for a caffeine "kick," drip or pour-over coffee has more caffeine than this.

Which Method Brews Coffee the Fastest?

But if you want fast coffee, you can use manual machines like AeroPress and French Press.

For us, the best method of coffee brewing does not depend on the time it takes. It's more about which makes the best coffee. Espresso Machine and Moka Pot are the best espresso brewing method.

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