February 2023 Limited Edition Roast

February 2023 Limited Edition Roast

Coffee Details

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Country: El Salvador

Name: El Salvador Santa Ana

Altitude: 1200-1600 masl

Process: Washed

Your February Coffee is El Salvador Santa Ana

Known as “the land of volcanoes,” El Salvador is the smallest Central American country. The coffee grown in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador is known for its unique flavor profile, which is largely due to the combination of its terroir (the soil, climate, and topography of the growing region) and the care and attention given to the coffee plants by local farmers. The high altitude and volcanic soil in the region provide ideal growing conditions for coffee, and the use of sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices, such as shade-grown coffee and responsible water usage, helps to preserve the delicate balance of the ecosystem and contributes to the quality of the coffee. 

This month's coffee is medium to light-bodied, with bright acidity and a well-balanced sweetness. These bright and zesty notes make El Salvador Santa Ana coffee an excellent choice for a morning or mid-day coffee, as it provides a refreshing and invigorating start to the day.

It is often said that the Cup of Excellence competition, which came to El Salvador in 2003, was the beginning of the new “wave” of interest in Salvadoran coffee, shining the first light on some of the special varieties the small country grows.

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Pacas, Pacamara