Dark Roast

The Espresso

Strong, round, a little bitter, comfortably rich. The professor.

Medium Roast

The Original

Bold, sweet and always has chocolate. 
Just like nonna.

Limited Edition

The Explorer

Limited edition single origin, seasonal, berries/floral, adventurous. Roadtrip!

Hand-picked and in-season

We ethically source the best in-season coffee from exceptional coffee farmers, who are as obsessed about the taste as we are. To make the best coffee, you have to start simply with the best ingredients.

Roasted by hand

Small micro production allows us to do big things. We taste hundreds of coffees per year and control the roast of each airdrop individually.

In your hands, quick and easy

Express shipping on each airdrop, so the coffee is always the freshest. That’s why you’ll never find us in the grocery store. We skip the store shelf and ship direct to you.

Measured by hand

Our formula is specific to each coffee, and will never be available anywhere else. Temperature and time is the golden ratio, and precisely measured, tested and controlled according to our own roast curve.

How to brew

How not to brew

Put beans in a bowl and pour milk over them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you grind my coffee?

    Yes, of course.

  • Is Parachute Coffee Expensive?

    Fancy specialty cappuccino [$3.95 +tip], "Grande" Starbucks coffee [$1.95], Sm 7-Eleven Slurpee [$0.79]. Parachute Coffee [$0.48].

  • When do you roast?

    Every Monday!

  • When do you ship?

    Every Monday!