4 Ways to Make Coffee at Home: Affordable and Delicious!

top view of a person holding a mug of coffee to show ways to make coffee at home and sitting next to a tray of baked goods and a cat

Even if you don't know of any ways to make coffee at home, you probably have your favorite coffee shop. You know, the one that makes the best coffee every single day. But what about those times when you can’t leave the house to grab a cup of joe? What do you do then?

Hopefully you don’t go without your coffee! We know we don’t. We simply turn to our favorite way to make coffee at home. If you haven’t found a way to make coffee at home yet, keep reading. Today, we are sharing the 4 different ways to make coffee at home. One of them will allow you to replicate the coffee your favorite barista makes. Once you learn about each way to make coffee, read more about which brewing method takes the longest.

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4 Different Ways to Make Coffee at Home

Here are the best ways to make coffee at home.



The drip method is one that is used a lot in homes around the country. The automatic coffee makers allow you to add water and coffee grounds, press a button, and have a cup of coffee ready in seconds. 

Some of these coffee pots allow you to make a single cup or an entire pot. You can keep a pot of coffee warm too. Although, the coffee will taste stale after a while. 

an electric drip coffee maker full of coffee, next to a styrofoam cup of black coffee

The downside to a drip coffee maker, at least ones like Keurig, is you have no control over how much coffee is being used. Especially if you purchase ready to use K-cups. 


French Press

Using a French press is a classic way to make delicious coffee. A French press allows you to brew a cup of coffee by soaking ground coffee in hot water. At the very end, you simply press down on the plunger to separate the grounds from the coffee. 

If you are interested in how to make a cup of coffee using a French press, as well as what coffee to use, read our blog post here. 

a french press full of coffee next to a mug of coffee and surrounded by whole coffee beans



The Aeropress was invented back in 2005. It is a lightweight and portable coffee maker. To make coffee at home using this method, you simply press down on a plunger to create air pressure. That pressure forces coffee through the filter and into the cup. 

You must insert a paper filter into the plastic cap of the Aeropress before brewing a cup of coffee. Once the filter cap is in place, you put the Aeropress over a mug. Ground coffee is then added to the chamber, followed by water. After stirring, the plunger is inserted. Push down on the plunger gently until it reaches the bottom. Your coffee is then ready to drink. 

close-up view of a man pushing down on an aeropress coffee maker

Pour Over

The pour over method of making coffee is one of the oldest brewing methods. You basically pour hot water through coffee grounds that have been placed into a filter. The hot coffee will then drip slowly into the mug. 

To begin this brewing method, you must place a filter inside a coffee cone dripper. If you don't have a filter handy, you can check out our suggested substitutes for a coffee filter. Then place the dripper over a mug. Coffee grounds are added to the filter. Pour boiling water over the ground coffee. Once the coffee grounds have bloomed for 30 seconds after initially getting wet, it will be time to add the rest of the boiling water. It is important to pour slowly in a circular motion, so all the coffee grounds get the same amount of water. 


a hand pouring water over a pour-over coffee system surrounded by whole coffee beans

This is one of the more time consuming methods for making coffee at home. Yet, it will always produce a delicious cup of coffee! 


Final Thoughts

These are the 4 different ways to make coffee at home. Find one that makes a great cup of coffee, so you can always have a cup without needing to leave the house. You know, on those days when it’s pouring or there is a snowstorm. Or when you are simply being lazy and don’t want to get out of your jammies! Then grind freshly roasted coffee beans and make yourself a cup of coffee you won’t mind drinking. 



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