What Coffee for French Press is the Best?

close up view of whole coffee beans spilling out of a french press to show what coffee for french press

French presses are growing in popularity, and it is turning us into coffee snobs. If you enjoy coffee from a French press, it's because you want the best cup of coffee every time.

Furthermore, using a French press is so simple that making the best cup of coffee is as simple as knowing what coffee for French press is the best. So, why shouldn’t we all use one and drink delicious coffee whenever we want to?

The only thing is you need to know what coffee for French press to use. The right coffee will have you holding your coffee cup tighter as you drink and savoring every drop.

The wrong coffee will have you swearing off your French press for good, so let’s get you on track with the best coffee for a French press. 

What is a French Press? 

Before we get started, let’s talk about what a French press is. This is for anyone who has no clue what we are talking about. Or what they are missing out on. Maybe you usually make pour-over coffee and you're looking to branch out your brew!

A French press is a manual coffee brewing device. 

Stop! Don’t go anywhere! We promise using a French press isn’t difficult. 

In fact, it is easier than some of the programmed coffee pots you have used over the years. 

Firstly, a French press is a glass cylindrical carafe. It has a built-in plunger and a mesh filter. 

a french press full of coffee next to a mug full of coffee and surrounded by whole coffee beans


What Coffee for French Press

Now that you know what a French press is, you must learn what coffee for French press is best to use. While you can use any type of coffee in a French press, it is best to use fresh coffee beans that you grind yourself. This ensures you are using quality ground coffee. And that ground coffee is perfect for this type of coffee maker. 

Most French press users prefer a medium to dark roast coffee bean. These coffee beans are roasted longer. That means they are less acidic and have more flavor. 

However, you can easily use a lightly roasted coffee bean if you prefer a more delicate cup of coffee. 

a mug of black coffee, in the background are a full french press and whole coffee beans to show what coffee for french press

Once you have your preferred coffee beans, you will want to make sure you coarsely grind them just before brewing your coffee. 

By coarsely grinding your coffee, you are preventing all the small particles that can escape through the mesh filter. Consequently, less sludge at the bottom of your coffee when you pour it out of the press. 

We recommend grinding your coffee beans between 0.75 and 1 millimeters. The ground coffee should feel like coarse salt when you touch it. 

If you grind your coffee beans too finely, you will get the aforementioned sludge and your coffee will taste bitter, which is not what you want at all! 

How to Use a French Press

Now that you know what coffee for French press to use, there are a few steps to using this coffee maker that you should know. Once you get used to them, the process won’t take long at all. 


1. Prepare the Water

Add some hot water to your French press to warm it up before you use it. While the French press is warming up, you will need to boil 2 more cups of water to brew the coffee. 

a kettle on top of a lit gas stove with steam pouring out of the kettle


2. Grind Your Coffee Beans

Grinding your coffee beans right before brewing is the best way. You will want your coffee beans to be coarse, as coarse grounds work better. 


3. Prepare Water for Brewing Process

Remove the water from the heat and let it stand for 30 seconds. This will allow it to cool slightly before the brewing process. 


4. Steep the Coffee in the French Press

Pour out the water that is inside the French press. Place the coffee grounds in the bottom. Then pour in 1 cup of boiling water. Place the top on, without pressing down, and let everything sit for 1 minute. 


5. Gently Stir the Coffee and Steep Again

When the 1 minute is up, it will be time to gently stir the coffee. Then pour the other cup of hot water into the French press. Place the top on, without pressing down, and let sit for 3 or 4 minutes. 


6. Press the Coffee Grounds with the French Press

It is finally time to push down on the plunger to press the coffee grounds down to the bottom of the French press. 

hands pressing coffee in a french press


7. Serve Your Brewed Coffee

Coffee brewed in a French press should be served immediately after brewing. Any leftover coffee should be placed in a carafe or thermos to enjoy later. Once you're finished, don't forget to clean your French press

When it comes to what coffee for French press, the answer we will always give is freshly ground roasted coffee beans. You should ideally use coffee beans that have been roasted within the last 2 weeks. Grind them coarsely right before brewing and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every time. 


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