How to Clean Your French Press - Daily Clean and Deep Clean Guide

How to Clean Your French Press - Daily Clean and Deep Clean Guide

One of the things some people don’t like about a French press is the coffee maker needs to be cleaned daily. This is due to the abundance of oils that are left behind by the coffee grounds with each cup you brew. 

Thankfully, it is not too difficult to clean your French press daily. We'll also talk about how to deep clean it as well, at the bottom of this post.

Here are the steps for a quick daily cleaning of your French press:

Step 1: Empty the Coffee Grounds

remove coffee grounds

All of the coffee grounds must be removed from the carafe. We recommend using a wooden or plastic spatula to loosen any stuck grounds. You should never use metal, because it can scratch or crack the glass carafe.

Step 2: Rinse All the Components with Warm Water

Any remaining coffee grounds that are stuck can be removed by rinsing the carafe in warm water. You can leave the French press filter and plunger connected when you rinse them as well. 

Step 3: Add a Little Dish Soap

dish soap

A little liquid dish soap should then be added to the French press. We prefer to use one that has a degreaser. It works best to remove any coffee oil residue. 

Step 4: Add Hot Water to the Carafe

Once the carafe is half full of hot water, insert the plunger and filter. Plunge it up and down a couple times to remove oil residue. The soapy water should remove any leftover residue. 

Step 5: Rinse Well

Once you are sure the coffee residue has been removed, you should rinse all the components really well. 

Step 6: Dry Your French Press 

french press disassembled

You can either use a cloth to dry all the components or you can let them all air dry. We do not recommend using paper towels, because they can leave lint behind. 

See, that’s it! This entire process shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes. 

Step by Step Instructions on Deep Cleaning Your French Press

Deep cleaning your French press is a little more time consuming. However, some of the steps simply require a little waiting time instead of hands-on work for this deeper cleaning. Therefore, you can easily tackle other tasks while you are waiting. 

Step 1: Empty the Coffee Grounds and Rinse Well

The deep cleaning process begins similar to the daily cleaning process. You must remove all the coffee grounds and rinse the carafe well. 

Step 2: Disassemble All the Components

You will need a screwdriver to unscrew the filter from the plunger. It may be necessary to rinse the filter again if there are any coffee grounds remaining. 

Step 3: Make Your Cleaning Solution

diy cleaning solutions

In the kitchen sink, mix together two cups of hot water, two teaspoons of dish soap, two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide, and two teaspoons of citric acid powder. 

If you do not have all those ingredients, you can mix together three cups of hot water and one cup of distilled white vinegar. 

Step 4: Soak the Filter and Plunger

Once your cleaning solution is ready, it will be time to soak the filter and plunger. We recommend soaking them for approximately four hours. You can leave them soaking overnight if they are really dirty. 

Step 5: Wash the Carafe and the Lid

While the filter and plunger is soaking, you can fill the carafe with a couple drops of dish soap. Thoroughly wash the carafe and lid. 

Step 6: Rinse All the Components and Dry

After all the components are clean, rinse them well and let them dry. Then put the plunger assembly back together and your French press is ready to use. 

FAQS for Cleaning Your French Press Coffee Maker

Is it okay to put coffee grounds down the garbage disposal? 

You should never put coffee grounds down the garbage disposal. The wet grounds will clump together once they are exposed to more water. They will also attract grease that finds its way into the disposal. Once the coffee grounds get clumped together, they will build up on the sides of the pipes and cause clogs. 

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How often should I replace the French press coffee filter screen? 

If you are using your French press regularly, basically making multiple cups of coffee a day, we recommend replacing the coffee filter screen once or twice a year. If you let it go too long in between replacements, you may find that it is falling apart. 

Final Words

pouring coffee from a french press

It shouldn’t be difficult to have an excellent coffee each day when you know how to clean a French press coffee maker. Performing daily cleaning, as well as deep cleaning, will ensure you get the rich coffee you desire when you want it. 

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