Why Buy Fresh Roasted Coffee? Tips for Café-Worthy Coffee

top view of 6 wooden spoons with coffee of different levels of grind to show why buy fresh roasted coffee

Have you ever made a cup of coffee at home in the morning and then made a funny face after your first sip? Maybe the coffee was bitter? Or weak? Perhaps it tasted like stale coffee. If this is you, then perhaps you already know why buy fresh roasted coffee!

We have had our fair share of terrible coffee over the years. And that is the exact reason why we chose to start selling fresh roasted coffee. We knew we couldn’t handle bad coffee in the morning anymore. And we don’t want anyone else to suffer through without a good cup of joe either!


Why Buy Fresh Roasted Coffee?

Today we are going to share why you should always buy fresh roasted coffee to make at home. This will ensure you always have delicious coffee when you want it.

top view of metal spoons with different kinds of coffee of varying levels of grind

What Happens to Coffee Over Time?

Store-Bought Coffee

Okay, so we’ve already agreed that we all love fresh coffee. But do you know what happens to coffee over time?

Over time, the coffee breaks down in the bag. The flavors dull. Oxidation occurs. Therefore, roasted coffee turns bad and can taste bitter. Furthermore, you will even notice that roasted coffee doesn’t have that rich aromatic scent once you have had it for a while.

This might be why that bag of coffee you opened from the grocery store last week didn’t smell as good as you wanted right from the start. That coffee may have been sitting in a warehouse for weeks or months and then on the shelf at the grocery store for quite some time.

It's also important to consider where your coffee comes from. Not every bag of coffee in the store is ethically-sourced coffee.


Fresh Roasted Coffee

We always say that fresh roasted coffee is coffee that has been roasted within the last couple months. That's why we always roast our quality coffee beans right before shipping them out. That means your coffee is no more than a week old when it arrives on your doorstep. Since coffee does need to “air out” for 3 days after roast, this actually means it is only four days old at the most when you receive it.

a man holding roasted coffee beans over an industrial roaster

That leaves plenty of time for you to enjoy your roasted coffee each morning at home!


Reasons Coffee Goes Stale

We just mentioned a few main points as to what happens to coffee over time. We thought you might want to dive in a little deeper to really understand the entire process of why coffee goes stale.


Carbon Dioxide is Released

During the roasting process, carbon dioxide builds up within the coffee beans. Then it starts to get released immediately after the roasting process. Next, during the airing-out period, excess carbon dioxide is released.

The remaining carbon dioxide is still needed in the coffee beans though to keep the fresh flavors. Once that carbon dioxide is released, the flavor of your coffee will start to deteriorate. 

A roaster who knows what he's doing will bag coffee at the peak, most optimal time. At Parachute Coffee, our roasters bag your coffee at its peak freshly state, and deliver to your door that same week.


Flavor Oils Breakdown

Additionally, the airing out process starts to release the flavor oils from the roasted coffee beans. A little bit of the flavor oils can be released without an issue, but once those oils reach the outside of the roasted coffee bean, increased moisture and oxygen occurs. As a result, your coffee will start to taste bitter.

top view of a cup of coffee with a sad face drawn in milk froth



Exposure to oxygen will quickly break down coffee beans, resulting in less flavor and smell. The more oxygen introduced to the coffee beans, the more bitter your coffee will taste. This is why it's so important to bag the beans at its peak freshness.



Moisture can also break down coffee beans and create a stale taste. It is always best to keep coffee in a dry, cool place.



Grinding the roasted coffee beans will immediately release quite a bit of the carbon dioxide. This is why it is always best to grind your coffee beans right before brewing your coffee. Pre-ground coffee should always be enjoyed within a couple weeks of grinding for the best flavor.

All of this, and more, happens to coffee sold at grocery stores. Those coffee manufacturers source their coffee beans from wholesalers. They then roast coffee beans all at once before distributing them. The process of roasting, packaging, and shipping can take time, as the coffee is moved from one place to the next.


close-up view of a manual coffee grinder with coffee grounds spilling onto a spoon below it

Why Buy Fresh Roasted Coffee

Consider this… A massive coffee manufacturer gets coffee beans delivered to them from their source. Which could take a couple weeks after the harvesting process. The coffee beans are then roasted and packaged. Whether in bags or freshly ground before going into bags or containers.

Then those bags and containers go to a warehouse.

They are divided and then shipped to different stores.

They then sit in those stores’ warehouses or back rooms until they are needed on the stores’ shelves.

Doesn’t our coffee sound much better since you will be receiving it within a week of roasting? Try Parachute Coffee today (canada only) and see taste the difference of fresh coffee vs. store bought varieties. The difference is noticeable.


Reasons Why Roasted Coffee is Always Better

There are so many reasons why roasted coffee is always so much better than coffee purchased in a store. These are our favorite reasons:

  1.     Vibrant Flavors
  2.     Coffee is at Its Peak
  3.     Flavorful Notes are Still Present Amongst the Coffee Scent


Tips for Always Having the Best Coffee at Home

We know it can be tricky to always find those few extra minutes to make a cup of coffee at home in the mornings. However, those few extra minutes can lead to the best cup of coffee. Even better than what you can find in most commercial coffee shops!

Side view of a mug lying on its side with whole roasted coffee beans spilling out of it to show why buy fresh roasted coffee
  1.     Purchase Whole Beans and Grind Them Fresh Every Day

It is the grinding portion of the coffee making game that takes a little longer. Yet, you may not know that ground coffee has more surface area. And that area can become oxidized much faster than whole beans. So, if you want to lock in the freshness of your coffee, go for the whole bean coffee every time.

Don’t worry, when you order from us, we can grind your beans for you before delivery. This is always helpful if you do not own a coffee grinder. We just like to point out that your coffee will not stay as fresh for as long, as it would if you were to order whole beans.


  1.     Place Your Whole Beans in a Canister

We love the bags we ship out our whole coffee beans in. The thing is… Air can get into those bags easily if you are not careful. We recommend placing your whole beans in a container that blocks out both air and light. This will ensure your coffee beans stay fresh longer.

If you do not want to purchase a special container, which we don’t blame you for, all you need to do is push all the air out of your bag before closing it. To do this, roll the bag tightly while pushing out the air.


a clear jar half-full of whole roasted coffee beans


  1.     Freeze Your Coffee

We understand how important it is to not run out of coffee! This is why so many people order an extra bag of our coffee beans. If you want to do that, simply place the extra bag in the freezer. This will ensure the coffee is still fresh when you open it when needed.

The bag of coffee must be completely sealed when you place it in the freezer. You should never refreeze a bag of coffee that has already been defrosted. When you do want to use your coffee from the freezer, you must bring it to room temperature before opening it.

This means remembering you are out of fresh coffee at night and taking the bag out of the freezer!


  1.     Subscribe to Our Delivery Service

It can be difficult to remember to order coffee when you are close to running out. This is why we recommend subscribing to our delivery service. We offer different delivery service options to meet all our customers needs. Plus, you can’t beat the convenience of having coffee showing up on your doorstep at just the right moment! 

We only deliver to Canada at this time, and if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you're in luck - we have a same-day courier who will bring it to you the same day we bag our coffees at peak freshness - no need to wait for Canada Post to deliver them. Subscribe today.


The Benefits of Drinking Fresh Roasted Coffee

Many people drink a cup of coffee, or three, in the morning to wake up and start their day. Did you know there are so many benefits of drinking fresh roasted coffee though?

These are the main benefits of drinking fresh roasted coffee:


Fresh Roasted Coffee is Good for Your Health

Fresh roasted coffee may reduce your risk of arterial disease, improve digestion, and lower your risk of diabetes. Coffee also offers anti-inflammation properties, while improving metabolism and helping with weight loss. Blood circulation can improve with a single cup too.

Drinking a delicious cup of coffee at home may allow you to skip some of those dietary supplements you have been taking. Of course, you will want to discuss that with your doctor first.

a bespectacled woman smiling while holding a mug of coffee

Improves Your Mood

An excellent cup of fresh roasted coffee will be enough to perk anyone up. It will also increase your energy levels and help you balance your emotions.


High Levels of Antioxidants

Additionally, the antioxidants in our coffee will neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress.


Improves Your Concentration

Your focus and concentration will improve each day, especially if you drink a cup of coffee early in the morning.

You don’t need to suffer and have bad coffee experiences every morning. One of the main reasons to buy fresh roasted coffee is so you can enjoy high-quality coffee each day and experience the amazing benefits. So, stop drinking bland coffee and start drinking perfect coffee at home. The results will be a game changer for all coffee lovers! 



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