What Can You Do with Used Coffee Beans?

What Can You Do with Used Coffee Beans?

Coffee grounds are full of nutrition and antioxidants. Once you have brewed the coffee, you may not use it for another cup as it loses the flavor and aroma, but that does not mean all nutrients also vanish from it. It will be surprising to know how much you can do with the used coffee beans, from making a homemade scrub to adding to your compost.

This article will discuss what you can do with used coffee beans. We have picked 20 clever ways you can utilize used coffee beans. So don't throw them away, as even used coffee beans have a lot to offer.

20 Things You Can Do With Used Coffee Beans

Let's discuss one by one what you can do with used coffee grounds.

Neutralize Odors

used coffee grounds

Coffee beans contain nitrogen which can neutralize sulfur gas from the air when it reacts with carbon dioxide. That makes coffee an excellent neutralizer for odors.

Coffee beans work as a natural deodorizer. It can absorb the smell in your cabinets, fridge, drawers, or any corner of the house where you want to remove the odor. Put the dried coffee beans in a tiny bowl and place it inside your fridge. You will notice how it absorbs the smell and makes your fridge odor-free. Rub it on your hands to remove odors from your hands after peeling garlic or cutting onions.

You can add some dried coffee beans to the base of your trash can. It will prevent the foul smell from spreading in the kitchen due to trash.

Meat tenderizer

used coffee grounds as meat tenderizer

Coffee contains neutral acids and enzymes that can work as meat tenderizers. The acidic flavor of coffee enhances the taste of the coffee. Use a tablespoon of dried coffee beans on meat and leave it for a while. It will make the meat extra tender and may also reduce the cooking time.

Repel Pests

repel pests

Certain compounds in coffee, like caffeine or diterpenes, can act as a pest repellent. Pests are a common problem in households, especially in summer. Using commercial products to control pests can expose the family to chemicals. Used coffee beans are perfectly safe and a natural way to control pests and insects inside the home.

Use it as a body scrub


Coffee scrubs are great for the skin. The fine-grind coffee exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. It also clears the dirt and impurities from the skin and unclogs the pores. Coffee grounds have inflammatory properties that soothe the skin as well. 

Combine a cup of dry coffee grounds with sea salt and rub it gently on your body. You can add a few drops of coconut oil if you have dry skin. You can also mix coffee with brown sugar to produce a full-body scrub.

Homemade coffee candles

coffee candles

The intoxicating smell of coffee is uplifting. Coffee candles burn and spread aroma everywhere. Making your own coffee candles with used coffee is easy. Add some dried used coffee to melted wax and make the candles. You can add other scents to the wax and enhance the coffee smell.

Remove Hair Product Residue

rinse hair

Natural acids in ground coffee can remove the chemical traces of all products we use on our hair. Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, colors, and all products we use on our hair can leave residues that are difficult to rinse off completely. Washing your hair with coffee water can help remove them.

Use as Fertilizer

used coffee grounds as fertilizer

Coffee beans contain nitrogen, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals for plant growth. It works as a fertilizer for plants. Sprinkle some dry coffee grounds on your plants and watch how they grow. Not only does it provide nutrition, but the acidic nature of coffee grounds will protect the plants from destructive ants and bugs.

Add to compost

add to compost

Instead of using it directly on plants, you can add it to your compost pile. If you are a true gardener and have a compost pile in your backyard, coffee beans are perfect for adding some nitrogen to the compost; instead of throwing the used coffee grounds, collect them in a bowl and add them to your compost at the end of the day.

Touch-up furniture scratches

furniture scratches

Make dry coffee grounds your cleaning agent. Sprinkle some coffee grounds on the wooden surface with scratches. Use a used cotton swab to rub the coffee grounds over the scratches. You can moisten the coffee grounds as well if they are too dry. Rub it gently and remove it later with a cloth. It will remove the scratches and make the wooden surface shine. You can add a little mineral oil to add some extra shine to the wooden surface.

Use as De-icer

used coffee beans as de-icer

Instead of salt, used coffee grounds can be used as a de-icer. Spread the coffee ground powder over the pathways where you want to melt ice. Due to the natural acidity of coffee, ice will melt. As coffee grounds are like salt and have small granules, it adds some friction to the pathways making them less slippery.

Clean tools and cookware

clean cookware

The abrasive nature of dry coffee grounds can be used to clean old tools or cookware. Just dry them and put them near your kitchen sink. Use dry coffee grounds as a scrub and rub them gently over your cookware. You don't need to use metallic scrubs on cookware as they can reduce the shine and may leave scratches. Coffee grounds are free of chemicals, leave no scratches, and are perfectly safe for hands. You can scrub your stove top using used coffee powder with a kitchen towel or a sponge.

Combat cellulite

remove cellulite

Caffeine and antioxidants in coffee grounds work wonders on the skin. We have already mentioned how it can be used as a scrub, the same coffee scrub removes the cellulite. Regular use of coffee on the skin gradually removes the appearance of cellulite. Keep a bowl of grounds in the bathroom and give your skin a good scrub before showering.

Add some drops of coconut oil and sea salt to make a potent scrub, and apply it over the affected area. It will have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and improve blood flow.

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

for puffy eyes

Have a puffy eyes problem, especially in the morning? Coffee grounds are a simple solution. Take freshly brewed coffee grounds and rub them gently under your eyes. Not only it removes puffiness under the eyes but improves skin as well. Coffee contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties. It removes puffiness, tightens your skin, and clears eye circles.

Hair Growth

hair growth

Keep a bowl of coffee grounds in your bathroom. Before shampooing, take a handful and rub them on your scalp. Gently massage the scalp. It will remove all oil residues, unclog the pores, and remove the build-up of dirt, other pollutants, and dead skin. Caffeine in coffee grounds will stimulate hair growth. Wash your hair with shampoo afterward.

If you want to use it to rinse hair, add a handful of coffee grounds in a sock, tie the end, and leave it in water. Use this water to rinse hair in the end. It will help remove residues of chemicals from the scalp and hair.

Keep cats away

scare cats

Want to protect your plants from neighboring cats? Do they shamelessly treat them as a litter box? Sprinkle coffee grounds on the soil, It will deter the cats from using your soil. The pungent smell of coffee will scare the kittens, and they may leave your garden area alone.

Keep down dust

keep dust down

Have a dusty area to sweep and want to keep the dust down? Sprinkle freshly used beans on the ground and spread them all around. The damp coffee will absorb the dust and make it easier for you to sweep. It's a great trick to clean the backyard.

Dye them or use them as color

make dye with used coffee beans

Coffee grounds have tannins that make them a suitable dye as well. Tannins are the paint compounds found in food and beverages. They are known for their ability to bind with proteins and minerals.

Make it a fun activity with the kids - use the coffee grounds with some warm water to create paint. Paint some paper, fabric, and even easter eggs!

Or use it as a dye - mix the coffee grounds with water and dip the cloth in the mixture. The longer you leave it there, the darker the brown you will get.

Kill fleas on pets

kill pets fleas

As we have already said, coffee beans have an acidic quality. Add some dried coffee grounds to the water and give your pet a bath with this water. It will kill fleas and will make your furry baby smell amazing as well.

Home cleaning

home clraning

Keep a handful of coffee grounds with you while cleaning. Rub it on nasty stains on the floor, windows, or doors. Use it as a potent scrubbing agent and clean the patio furniture. It works as a natural degreaser due to its acidic qualities.

Coffee Bath

coffee bath

Feel like having a refreshing spa at home? Add some coffee beans to your socks and dip it in your bathtub. You can soak yourself in the refreshing coffee water and treat your body with amazing coffee benefits. The healing power of caffeine and antioxidants leaves skin radiant. The light aroma of used coffee grounds is also refreshing for the mind.

Final Words

Coffee beans have multiple uses for skin and home cleaning. You can also do all of the above things with stale coffee beans. Just keep collecting the used coffee beans and spread them on a tray at the end of the day. Dry them in an oven or simply put them under the sun to get dry. Store the dried grounds and reuse them for cleaning and skin treatments.

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