Do Coffee Grounds Really Keep Bugs and Mosquitoes Away?

Do Coffee Grounds Really Keep Bugs and Mosquitoes Away?

Coffee grounds aren't just for brewing coffee - they're also a natural, easy way to repel bugs.

Do coffee grounds keep bugs away?

Coffee grounds are effective at repelling pests because of the strong smell. The smell of coffee is repulsive to many bugs and will keep them away from treated areas. Coffee grounds can be used fresh or used, but unused coffee grounds are more effective at repelling pests. The smell of burnt coffee is also effective at repelling pests.

How Does it work?

  • The smell of coffee is not liked by most bugs: The strong smell of coffee is not exactly the favorite of most bugs.
  • Coffee grounds are very effective at repelling pests: When burned, it becomes more effective at repelling pests.
  • Coffee is a great bug repellent: Along with keeping your sleep away, coffee is known to keep many types of insects and bugs away.
  • Bugs don't like the smell: Bugs tend to stay away from coffee grounds because of the strong smell.
  • Compounds in coffee grounds: The compounds in coffee grounds are not liked by most bugs.
  • Not okay with coffee grounds: Some of the bugs that do not even dwell around coffee are listed below.
  • Coffee grounds can be harmful: Coffee grounds can be harmful to some bugs, so it's best to avoid them if you want to keep your bug away.

How to use coffee grounds as a mosquito repellent

Coffee grounds make an effective mosquito repellent because of the strong smell. The coffee grounds will mask the scents on humans that attract mosquitoes - if they can't smell you they can't find you! You can also burn it to create an even stronger aroma - the same way citronella candles keep mosquitoes away.

Water mixed with coffee or used coffee grounds can also slow down adult mosquitoes, kill mosquito larvae, and offer beneficial nitrogen and nutrients to plants. Note that even though this may slow down adult mosquitoes, it doesn't always prevent them from being in your space.

You can also use coffee grounds to keep other similiar pests out of your garden by sprinkling them around the perimeter of the garden. Coffee grounds are toxic to many insects, and the strong smell will deter them from crossing over.



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