August 2022 Limited Edition Roast

August 2022 Limited Edition Roast

Coffee Details

Tasting Notes

Earl Grey
Candied Walnut

Country: Tanzania

Name: Tanzania Ichesa AB

Producer: 179 smallholder farmers

Region: Ichesa, Ivugula, Shomola, and Mlowo villages

Altitude: 1,600 meters asl

Harvest: June- August

Your AUGUST Coffee is Ichesa Amcos

Ichesa AMCOS coffee processing unit was built in 2012 and currently serves about 179 producers in the surrounding villages, each of whom own1 hectare of land or less, on average. There are several varieties grown in the area, including Bourbon derivatives. The producers deliver their cherry to the station, where it is processed using a Penagos depulper, and the coffee is immediately graded in washing channels before being fermented for 10–12 hours underwater. Drying takes about 9–14 days on average.

This ACMOSCPU supports local smallholders by offering shade trees and soil inputs to improve farm health and coffee quality. Ichesaalso seeks to build a new warehouse for local storage, which will also improve quality and coffee stability.