Frequently asked questions

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Of course, but why?

  • Who are you guys?

    Parachute Coffee is an over-caffeinated group of coffee lovers and industry pros, based out of Toronto, Canada. We're on a mission of world-caffeination.

  • How is your coffee sourced?

    Parachute Coffee is sustainably and transparently sourced, and we aim to achieve full traceability. Each airdrop contains origin info to each producer and we only work with specialty coffee importers that share the same philosophy of transparency

  • When do you roast?

    Every week!

  • When do you ship?

    Every week!

  • Where do you ship?

    Anywhere in Canada.

  • When will I receive it?

    You should be getting excited (and coffee) 1-2 days after we ship. (Depending on your location). Your airdrop will always ship from our roaster within a maximum of of 7 days from your order being placed.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Visa, Mastercard.

  • Will you grind my coffee?

    Yes, of course.

  • Is the dark roast good for my espresso machine?

    Yes! Parachute Coffee designed the Dark Roast coffee to perform well as an espresso. It has notes of dark chocolate and nuts; perfect companions to dairy, non-dairy substitutes, and sweeteners.

  • What beans will you be sending?

    Either Medium Roast, Dark Roast, or our Limited Edition Roast depending on which type of coffee you choose.

  • Where is your cafe?

    In your kitchen!

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