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It was pretty good. Glad I tired it out. I enjoy more of a dark roast coffee.


Seriously fresh and delicious coffee!

I got it for my parents, as a way for them to move beyond Folger's and Maxwell House. They love the Parachute deliveries, and look forward to telling me all about it every month. They like good wines, so I suppose this is a logical extension for them. Thanks for the product.


I've been a long time subscriber at parachute coffee now. I was unsure about the idea of a coffee subscription service initially... but after shopping around I found that this was the best coffee at the best price. I like supporting local Canadian quality brands, and more then anything, I love having flavourful coffee you can drink black without having to put anything in it. It really is unique in that sense and an important part of my morning routine!

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great coffee

Love that you get so many different coffee exposure from around the world

Amazing Coffee

Such a pleasure to try different coffee's every month. A wide variety of roasts and tasting notes. Regardless of what coffee we're drinking when the Parachute package arrives, we stop everything and the parachute coffee gets used first. Highly recommended (and we have recommended!).