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Reliable service

I’ve ordered Parachute as a gift for others 3 times over the past few years, and they have always been prompt with sending it out and with their communications letting me know when they have been sent, and when they arrive. The recipients also said it’s good coffee.

Excellent coffee

The dark roast coffee is great, it has rich flavour and is a perfect cup of coffee.

Parachute Coffee
Margaret Orr
Interesting coffee experience

I enjoyed the first package of Limited coffee and look forward to the next delivery. The flavour was interesting and not quite what we expected as lovers of a dark roast but it was fun to try something new.

Nice Gift

I live outside the country and it's hard finding gifts for my Dad. I'm a pretty serious home roaster and appreciate trying different coffee varietals, so though of it as a gift option. Not practical to send him my own roasts, so I've done a couple of coffee subscriptions from Parachute Coffee and he's enjoyed them quite a bit.

Great Product

It was nice recieving the monthly coffee shipment. It made for the perfect Chrismas present even though it was a little pricey.

Parachute Coffee
Jenny Zhou
Enjoyed the coffee!

Bag was a bit hard to open every morning - had to transfer to another container to use. Keep up the great work!

Parachute Coffee
Debbie Carter
Meant to b enjoyed straight up!

A refreshing change for me who prefers cream in her coffee!

Best gift!

I love giving Parachute Coffee subscriptions as gifts! I’ve ordered both the Dark Roast and Limited Edition subscriptions, and rave about both!

Parachute Coffee
Renee Bienvenu
Tanzania Iyenga

It is our first opportunity to drink coffee from Tanzania.We found it smooth and perfectly roasted.Many thanks to the farmers of Iyenga.

Parachute Coffee
min kyung cho

Parachute Coffee

Fun Subscription

I stumbled upon this coffee subscription by Parachute and am I ever glad I found this! It was fun to receive the 3 seasonal bags in the mail. I didn't pay attention to the size (my bad) so at first glance they were smaller than expected. I made my first cup of french press today and it didn't disappoint.

Parachute Coffee
Rory McKenna
Really fantastic service and delicious coffee

Would recommend the 3-month trial product as a great gift for a friend/loved one.

The only issue I have with the bags of coffee is that they are quite small, however the quality is superb.

Pretty darn cool!

So, this was a great service and was a much appreciate gift(for my mother). I did the 3 month plan with 2 bags(ground) for about 120(making it 3 deliveries)

It was a lot of fun trying the flavors, and the quality was great!

With that said, its relevant to bring up S&H which makes otherwise a good priced product much more expensive. It was a nice treat, but i can get twice as much coffee from starbucks at a cheaper price(fair trade too). I only opted for 2 bags a month rather than 1 because S&H for 1 was just too much.

If i lived next to a parachute dispensary, i'd buy all my coffee from ya'll no question, but I dont, so it'll probably be another 'special occasion' if i return.

Thanks so much, my mom(and myself) loved it.

Really fantastic service and delicious coffee

FANTASTIC service and product. I am not giving the full five stars because the amount of coffee provided could be improved (i.e., providing more coffee per package). Other than that, I am a happy customer.

One year pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Parachute Coffee
Lita Andaya

Parachute Coffee

great coffee, super convenient

I get the limited coffee pre-ground and find it’s really great tasting and super convenient, especially with all the lockdowns making it harder to visit my fav cafés…

I can't go back to grocery store coffee.

I tried the medium roast, and dark roast and love them both! Very smooth and flavourful. The Limited is always fun to try as well and I havent been disappointed yet. I dont think I can go back to store bought now.

Parachute Coffee
Rick Brownridge

All the coffees had a distinct flavour and intensity. The information on the source of each coffee gave us insight into different areas

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great gift!

This was a gift and the people who received it are very enthusiastic about your coffee!

Really Great Coffee

This is the best tasting coffee that we've had in awhile. The size of the package was quite small, making it an expensive purchase. We think it will be a treat each Christmas.

Parachute Coffee
David Borrowman

Excellent coffee delivered soon after roasted. Two thumbs up.


Enjoy the variety and flavour.

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks