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One year pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Parachute Coffee

great coffee, super convenient

I get the limited coffee pre-ground and find it’s really great tasting and super convenient, especially with all the lockdowns making it harder to visit my fav cafés…

I can't go back to grocery store coffee.

I tried the medium roast, and dark roast and love them both! Very smooth and flavourful. The Limited is always fun to try as well and I havent been disappointed yet. I dont think I can go back to store bought now.

All the coffees had a distinct flavour and intensity. The information on the source of each coffee gave us insight into different areas

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great gift!

This was a gift and the people who received it are very enthusiastic about your coffee!

Really Great Coffee

This is the best tasting coffee that we've had in awhile. The size of the package was quite small, making it an expensive purchase. We think it will be a treat each Christmas.

Excellent coffee delivered soon after roasted. Two thumbs up.


Enjoy the variety and flavour.

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Interesting concept

You have delivered a convenient alternative to bigger brands and grocery stores. Our first bag was delicious.

Great Customer Service

Had to change an address and one email and it was done - no hassle, no pain and a friendly prompt response

Subtle roasting - true flavour of coffe shines theough

A great pleasure to try your coffees. A high recommend.

Parachute Coffee

Great to be able to try different coffees each month.

Parachute Coffee


Coffee was tasty. Sad the bag did not have the “rip cord” as displayed in your advertising

Bean There!

Smooth well rounded coffee.

Great Coffee & Great Customer Service!

I bought a gift subscription of the Limited coffee for someone and decided to treat myself to my own subscription recently. I emailed as I wasnt sure I had set up my own subscription correctly and had a couple of questions. Parachute rep responded quickly, pleasantly answered my questions and confirmed my set up. I received my 1st coffee this week and its great! Cant wait to try a different one every month.

great gift

I send this to my dad, who loves good coffee and can't get out much. He really enjoys getting a new batch every month.

A delicious treat

I was gifted my Parachute Coffee subscription and it is fabulous! How great it is to get a new coffee every month that is selected for you. I love, love, love coffee and Parachute has not disappointed. Efficient delivery, effective and informative communication and (most important) fabulous coffee. I would definitely recommend as either a gift for someone you care about or a gift for yourself!

Great for a someone new to coffee

Growing up my parents never drank coffee, but I always enjoyed it. The only problem was I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know what coffee I liked or disliked, or even how unique a coffee's flavor could be. I wanted to try different coffees but I was having a hard time finding ones worth trying at grocery stores or even coffee shops. Parachute Coffee has let me learn about tastes in a really fun way.

But what is a review without some constructive criticism.

Number one, it's a bit expensive and I'm paying the old price; $1.80 - $2.40 an ounce is rivaling brand name pods like Nespresso. But I get it, good coffee, good practices, and shipping all add a significant premium. I guess I just wish it didn't need to be that way.

Number two, I would like more information about my special edition coffees, the little polaroid style info card is cute as hell, but I'm always left wanting more information. Who are these farmers, what is the climate like, what language do they speak, how do they sell their beans and how did you buy them, etc. I get you don't want to add a whole book in each box, but maybe a QR code and a little blurb on the website would work.

Number three, I would like a better way of attaching the info card to the bag. I often have multiple bags of coffee and to keep track of which is which I luck the info card beneath the metal band. But it's just a bit too big, and gets in the way every time I want to open and close the bag. Maybe a sticker on the bag would be possible, just something simple like color coded. Get twelve different stickers of twelve different colors and put a different one on each month's coffee. Then if the info card also has the corresponding color on it I can put the card somewhere else and know what coffee is what.

Number four, the recyclability of the product packaging. The bag that the coffee comes in is nice, stores the coffee well on it's journey, but I always feel bad having to throw it in the garbage when I'm done with it. I don't know of any other methods, but you guys are the experts, if there is something you can do, please do it.

Overall I'm happy with the product, keep up the good work.

Parachute Coffee

Parachute Coffee