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Convenient, but what is the coffee?

It's great having a bag of delicious coffee delivered on a monthly basis, but what is the coffee? It would be nice to know a little about where the 'seasonal' coffee comes from and its flavor notes, specially when company asks!


The August coffee was some of the best my husband and I have ever tasted. I would say the only disappointing thing was that I had to ask what it was - as no card came with the shipment and no explanation why. Happily, my email enquiry was answered quickly. No surprise that the coffee was from Ethiopia, the birthplace of the coffee plant.

Parachute Coffee
Rebecca L
Delicious coffee, sometimes a mystery.

The coffee is always good, very rarely do either myself or my partner not wildly love the beans sent. Only issue is lately there is no information as to what we are drinking. For the first while there would be information cards in the box or an email telling me what was coming. The last 2 months that has not been the case. Searching the website has not given me any clue either. If that was more consistent I would absolutely rate 5 stars.

Parachute Coffee
Robert Mills
not exactly as expected - still worth it

The thought was that when ordering 3 bags of the monthly "special" that it would be three different types with a description of the coffee. Turns out wrong on both counts, but coffee was still good. Lowered the order to only two bags going forward, and will possibly use the second as gift if that month is not to my taste. :)

It was great a dark roast!

Nice coffee

The coffee was nice, although a little high on the acidity for my palate.
Delivery took a while and one bag was a gift which I couldn't pass on to the recipient in time

Single Bag of Coffee - One Time Purchase - Choose from Decaf, Medium, Dark, Limited

Parachute Coffee
Neera Mehta
Amazing coffee

love the best i've tried

Three months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Good coffee, great service

Good coffee, when they come my wife and i just take in the smell waiting for the morning to come. I also left another review where I made a mistake in my comments, Brian from Parachute contacted me to clarify and to follow up on my concern. Nice to see a company that cares about their customers experience!

Parachute Coffee
The Moirs
Love the coffee. Don't love the spam.

Hi parachute

I've been part of your coffee subscription service a few years and enjoy the coffee you create. What I think hurts your business model is the continuous stream of feedback and advertisement emails I get in my inbox from you. Maybe create a once-a-month coffee newsletter. Something that has content. I'm not interested in seeing 2-3 emails per week from you that don't have any point.

Good coffee. Ambiguous which shipment you are receiving when you have multiple pre-paid deliveries from gifts.

Three months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great coffee

I just brewed it for the first time. I only received it a couple of days ago so that seemed a bit long, but that could be because of Canada Post. But the coffee is great! Enjoyed it black. Great job!

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Great coffee

I also enjoy making the dark roast coffee! It taste great, especially as an Aeropress!


The coffee was delicious. I really enjoyed it, finished the bag within the second week tho :(

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks

Parachute Coffee
Megan Newcombe
Prompt service

We missed a delivery and they were Both prompt to reply to my email and quick to fulfil the order. Coffee is delicious!

Wrong coffee

Unfortunately dark roast sent in error
Problem quickly and professionally resolved

Always a pleasure !

This coffee is absolutely delicious!

Excellent product

Six months pre-paid delivered every four weeks