February 2022 Limited Edition Roast

February 2022 Limited Edition Roast

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Country: Guatemala

Name: Finca Santa Isabel

Producer: Alex Keller

Region: Santa Rosa

Altitude: 1,350 mals

Process: Washed

Your February Coffee is Guatemala Santa Isabel

This single farm select Cimarron Organic, from renowned producer Alex Keller's Andromeda lot in Sant Rosa, is classic and sweet with a surprising lingering limey quality.

In 1899, Federico Keller settled in Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa, Guatemala, naming his farm Finca Santa Isabel in honor of his wife. Over the last century the family has endeavored to produce coffee to the highest certification standards, to live in harmony with their community and surroundings and to engage in social development and conservation, knowing this holistic approach produces a more honest cup. We're working with the 5th generation of the Keller family now, and are proud to offer their organic coffees.

This region is typically dry in climate, and all coffee is organically grown using soil cover and under legacy shade trees, supporting fertility and biodiversity. Coffee is grown between 1200 - 1400 MASL, and is carefully selected using multiple picking cycles for quality. To counteract the effects of climate change, more shade trees have been planted, and disease tolerant varieties are being cultivated, including Anacafé 14, Sarchimor, and Colombia.