July 2020 Limited Edition Roast

July 2020 Limited Edition Roast

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Country: Colombia

Name: Aldemar Pillimue

Farm: Las Cascadas

Region: Inza, Cauca

Altitude: 1950 MASL

Process: 48 hr Fermentation + Sundried

Your July airdrop is ALDEMAR PILLIMUE from COLOMBIA.

In addition to being prime coffee growing land, the region is an important source of water and wildlife. This beautiful landscape is from where Las Cascadas takes its name. Translating as ‘the waterfalls’, Aldemar and his wife Leonor decided to name the farm after the multiple small waterfalls close to the farm. Originally, a small portion of the farm was inherited from Aldemar’s grandmother. Over time, Aldemar and his family have been able to purchase more land around the original house, in order to grow their production. Today, Las Cascadas is managed by both Aldemar and Leonor and continues to grow.