May 2023 Limited Edition Roast

May 2023 Limited Edition Roast

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Country: El Salvador

Region: Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

Name: Beneficio Las Cruces

Altitude: 1350 masl

Processing: Kenya Soaked


Your MAY Coffee is El Salvador Beneficio Las Cruces

El Salvador's specialty coffee thrives near volcanoes, where ash and sulfur create complex flavors. This coffee is grown in a region blessed with Pacific ocean breezes and shade from macadamia and peach trees, promoting slower maturation and nuanced flavors. They have also embraced environmentally friendly practices in their operations, including water-saving techniques and using eco-friendly pulping machines to minimize the environmental impact.

This lot undergoes the Soaked Selection Kenya Washed process, managed by the JASAL Group. After de-pulping and washing, the beans are soaked in clean water for 10-12 hours. This East African technique results in a cleaner, brighter, and fruitier cup of coffee, reflecting the unique terroir and meticulous processing.