Can I Steep Coffee Like Tea?

Can I Steep Coffee Like Tea?

If you are trying different brewing methods, you might wonder if you can steep coffee tea like tea. It is a lot easier and you can experiment and create your preferred cup of coffee. 

Brewing coffee like tea is not rocket science. And if you like the taste, you can continue using this method. It is easy and requires less cleaning up afterward as you are only steeping the coffee in a mug like tea. 

This article will answer your question: can I steep coffee like tea? We will see the possible outcome, how to do it, and how to make sure coffee comes out flavorful.

Can I Steep Coffee Like Tea?

can i steep coffee like tea

The short answer is, yes, you can. Steeping tea is a simple affair.

All you have to do is to pour hot water over the tea bags. However, coffee is not as simple as tea.

First, we will warn you that it will not be the best brewing method as you might think. There are good reasons many other brewing methods were discovered and are widely used, like the French press, aeropress, pour over or even the siphon method.

Coffee has a delicate flavor, and if you are not careful about the brewing time and water temperature, it may not have the kick, aroma, and flavor that we all love about coffee.

What are the Disadvantages of Steeping Coffee Like Tea?

Steeping means leaving the coffee in hot water and letting it stay there until the water extracts the flavor and taste. 

Since coffee grinds are smaller than tea leaves, they might escape the tea bag. The smaller bits of coffee grounds may end up in your cup of joe. For this reason you'll need to use a coarse ground only.

Also, if you leave the coffee bag in the mug too long, the result is a cloudy and muddy looking cup of coffee. This creates coffee that is more acidic, bitter, and lacks bold flavor.

You need to leave the coffee bag in the water for three to four minutes for a cup of coffee. The ideal water temperature should be between 195°F and 205°F, which is slightly lower than the boiling point.

What type of Coffee Grind Should Be used?

coffee grounds

If you are steeping coffee like tea, pick the coarser ground. A too-fine grind will let coffee particles settle at the bottom of the cup. 

Several companies sell coffee bags. If you are really into steeping coffee like tea, you can buy these ready-to-use bags or even make DIY coffee bags at home.

How to Steep Coffee like Tea?

coffee bags

Steeping coffee does not require much equipment. All you need is coffee bags and hot water. We don't recommend keeping the coffee in bags for too long as coffee grounds do not last very long if not stored properly. Coffee should be stored in air-tight containers in the dark. Storing them in tea bags is not a great idea.

Use a metal tea infuser if you don't have a coffee bag. However, the metal tea infuser is not very fine mesh and may leave some coffee ground in the cup. 

You can use a reusable tea bag or a paper towel to make a coffee bag yourself.

  • Heat water on the stove.
  • Add the required amount of coffee to the coffee bag. A good ratio for steeping coffee is 1:12, one gram of coffee for 12 grams of water. Some recommend a 1:15 ratio for a strong brew. You can change the ratio to suit your taste; the longer the coffee steeps in water, the stronger the taste is.  
  • Add hot water to the cup. The water temperature has to be accurate. It should not be boiling. 
  • Keep the coffee bag inside the cup. Give coffee some time to steep properly. 
  • Take out the coffee bag and the coffee is ready. 

How Long Should I Leave the Coffee Bags in the Water?

We are taking inspiration from the French press brewing method for steeping coffee like tea. French press is the closest brewing method resembling this method; it takes 3-4 minutes to brew coffee.

Leave coffee bags in the cup for 3-4 minutes until the coffee is ready. It may lack the body of espresso, but it's a good improvement on instant coffee.

Don't leave coffee in the water for more than five minutes, as it will become acidic and bitter(not in a good way).

By experimenting with different water temperatures, coffee and water ratio, or timing, you may come to your preferred cup of coffee that tastes as you want. 

Final Words

Coffee differs from tea and is not supposed to steep like tea leaves. There are different ways to make coffee without a coffee maker. However, you can try it, and if you like the taste, it can be a quick method for those who are always in a hurry and have little time to use all the brewing techniques.

However, if you are a coffee lover and don't want to compromise the taste of coffee, you better stick to other brewing methods. If you want to steep coffee instead of brewing, then the French press is another excellent way.

The technique implies soaking beans in water for a few minutes before you push down the plunger. This way, coffee remains full and is better than infusing it with a tea bag in a cup.

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